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Paintball - What to Expect

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Commando Extravaganza Sunday July 27

Our Commando Extravaganza is Sunday July 27 from 10am-4pm. What is the Commando Extravaganza? It’s all about paintball fun fun fun!!!

We will have:

·         All day castle conquest paintball action

·         All day urban combat paintball action

·         All day pirate ship swash-buckling paintball action

·         1 on 1 tournament on the Airball field

·         2 on 2 tournament on the Hyperball field

·         3 on 3 tournament Woodsball tournament in the pine woods

·         Swap meet from 10am-11am. Bring your stuff to sell or trade! Come out and look for bargains.

·         Raffle to win a one year membership to Commando!

Everyone is invited to come out and play some paintball.

Cost is only $15.00 and that includes entry into all the events, air, rental equipment, and a raffle ticket.

Paintballs are sold at the normal prices. Field paint only. Everyone is required to buy at least one bag of premium paintballs.

We will have trophies for first place in all the tournaments.

The Ironman 1v1 tournament starts at 11am.

The Deadly Duo 2v2 tournament starts at noon.

The Old Skool 3v3 woodsball tournament starts at 1pm.

If you want to play all three tournaments we will schedule your team to make that happen.

You can register yourself or your team there or before hand by calling 920-826-5554.

Commando Extravaganza this Sunday!!!
Win a one year membership to Commando!!!


Paintball  weekend of July 25, 26, & 27

Paintball is in full swing at Commando Outdoor Paintball! Our awesome fields are open, including Wisconsin's only 3 story Castle Field, our intense Urban Combat Field, our Swat Team Piney Woods, our wooded Center Flag Field, and the Hyperball Field.

We are open for open play, walk-ons, and groups. If you have a group of 10 or more call ahead so we can hold the equipment for you and have a ref ready. See everybody out at Commando!!!

   Our field is located at:
2055 West Frontier Rd
Little Suamico, WI 54141

Come down and play some intense paintball. We have open play, walk-ons, and groups. If you have a group of 6 or more call to make reservations. We also do birthday parties, bachelor parties, etc.

Saturday   9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday    10:00am-4:00pm


We are open from 10am-7pm for Open play, Walk-ons, birthday groups, etc. 

Walk-ons, open play and private parties all day. No reservations needed for walk-ons and open play, everyone is welcome to play!
Got a group or a private party that wants to play paintball? Call and make a reservation.

Sunday: Everyone welcome. Open play, walk-ons and groups. Come join in on the fun! Extravaganza also. See story above.



Paintball  weekend of Aug 1, 2, & 3

Paintball is in full swing at Commando Outdoor Paintball! Our awesome fields are open, including Wisconsin's only 3 story Castle Field, our intense Urban Combat Field, our Swat Team Piney Woods, our wooded Center Flag Field, and the Hyperball Field.

We are open for open play, walk-ons, and groups. If you have a group of 10 or more call ahead so we can hold the equipment for you and have a ref ready. See everybody out at Commando!!!

We are open from 11-7 for Open play, Walk-ons, birthday groups, etc.

Saturday: Walk-ons, open play and private parties all day. No reservations needed for walk-ons and open play, everyone is welcome to play! Got a group or a private party that wants to play paintball? Call and make a reservation.

Sunday: Open Play, parties, walk-ons. 10am-4pm. Come out and join the fun!
The Commando Extravaganza is Sunday also. Everyone is welcome!!! 

 Airsoft also on Sunday

Our field is located at:
2055 West Frontier Rd
Little Suamico, WI 54141

Come down and play some intense paintball. We have open play, walk-ons, and groups. If you have a group of 6 or more call to make reservations. We also do birthday parties, bachelor parties, etc.

Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm

Announcing the Commando 2014 Fall Brawl 3-man tournament! Over $2800 in prizes!!!

The Fall Brawl 3-man tournament is August 10. The Fall Brawl is the longest running tournament in Wisconsin! Awesome prizes!!! Awesome competition!!! Awesome action!!!

Fall Brawl Tournament Prizes:
1st prize 3 Empire Axe paintball markers
2nd prize 3 Empire Mini GS Paintball markers
3rd prize 3 Empire Scion loaders

Prizes are based on 12 teams per tournament minimum. We are capping this tournament at 22 teams, so be sure to get in.

Gates will open at 8am. Captains meeting at 9:15 with games to follow. Appa will be used with this tournament.

Entry fee $150. You must reserve your spot with a credit card. You can pay cash on the day of the tournament. To reserve call 920-826-5554

The first 12 teams to register will get free admission Saturday Aug 9 to practice on the tournament field layout.

This tournament is a D4 or lower tournament. Each team is allowed 1 D3 player per team.

This will be played on our PSP field.
Paintballs will be tournament series only paintballs $55.00/case. Must be purchased that day!

Any questions go to or call 920-826-5554 or text 920-371-0173

PSP Trained reffing.
Modified PSP rules, field layout will be announced 2 weeks before tournament.


Our decision to become a "Field Paint Only" field is based on continual problems with paintballs brought on the field.

The paintballs brought in were often such low quality that they did not break properly. Paintballs that bounce instead of breaking hurt a lot more to the person that is hit. We were getting complaints by our rental customers about this. Also clean up of the non_field paintballs was terrible. They were very difficult to clean and left sticky residue on our bunkers. The Airball bunkers were particularity difficult to clean. Often it would take 8 hours to clean all the cheap paint off the Airball bunkers, and some are permanently stained. Clean up of our rental guns and goggles were difficult also. We had some lenses permanently stained and had to be replaced. All this led to higher labor and replacement costs.

We are here to give our players the best experience possible. When players are overly bruised or their clothing is permanently stained it is not a good experience. We have fresh, quality paintballs at competitive prices. Our premium paintball line is excellent paint and our midgrade is still better that you can get at big box stores or on line. Our paintballs are fresh, not sitting in warehouses for months. When players buy cheap paintballs and pay our BYOP fee they generally are paying more to shoot low quality paintballs that they would pay to shoot our good paintballs. Again we want our customers to have a great time at Commando!

We tried allowing certain brands last year. Unfortunately some paintballs of the approved brand that were brought in was so old that it would not break properly and we had bruising problems. Plus we had people that would bring in cheap paintballs inside approved boxes. This new policy is designed to help everyone have a great time and help keep our prices as low as possible. We want everyone to have a great time at Commando!!!

Field Paint only for 2014 
 Paintball gear for sale Paintball gear for sale
We have a full pro shop at Commando Paintball Sports. We sell all the major brands at great prices: Tippmann, Spider, Dye, US Army, Empire, Invert, Ninja, and more.
why buy from Commando?
Here are some of the great reasons:
1) We have the best prices
2) We have the best service
3) We know what is quality and what to avoid
4) You can try before you buy
5) We are local and here for all your needs
Please dont make the mistake we see all the time of people buying the wrong gear, paying too much, or worse yet, buying off Ebay or Craigslist. Buy from the most dedicated paintball field in Wisconsin!
Call us and let us help you get the best gear at the best prices! 920-826-5554
 paintball castle in winter  Commando paintball sports is available every day of the week for playing paintball

Want to come out on a week day to play? We are available every day to play. Bring a bunch of friends, have a birthday party, a work party, whatever the reason. You need a group of 6 or more then just call and set up the reservation to come out and play. Call to make reservations. Call 920-826-5554.
winter paintball birthdays

Team Parties

Basketball, wrestling, and other sports and club seasons are almost over and we are booking “End of the Season” team parties. If you would like to bring your team out for an end of the season party call us now. We have special pricing for teams and we guarantee fun! Call 920-826-5554 and book your party now.

paintball laser tag fun

Birthday Special!!!

Birthdays are always special and now they are even better. We have a fantastic birthday special going on now. Have your birthday party now and the birthday person gets a free one year membership to Commando! (a $100 value)


Click here for more details

 paintball fun Booking your party at Commando Paintball Sports

We host all types of parties at Commando Paintball Sports. We host bachelor parties, birthday parties, church and youth groups, corporate events, schools, athletic teams, bands, etc. You name it, we host it. We even hosted a senior skip day! (organized by the school of course) We arre available any day of the week for your event.
Click here for more details.

Whatever party you are planning we can help you to make it an awesome party!

To book your party at Commando please call 920-826-5554

2014 Paintball Special events Schedule!!!

Scenario games, tournaments, big games, and more!!!

April 6        Spring Fling

May 4         3-Man Spring Brawl Tournament –

May  18      Spring Big Game

June 1        NEW 5-man tournament

June 22      Scenario game

July 13       3-Man Summer Brawl Tournament

July 27       Paintball Extravaganza

Aug 10       Fall Brawl  3-man Tournament 

Aug 25       To be announced

Sept 7        Big Game

Oct 19       Youth Group "War on Hunger" Food Drive 

Oct 26       Commando "War on Hunger" Food Drive


 Commando paintball sports

2014 Schedule


We have parties, open Play and walk-ons every Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 10am-4pm.


Field is available any day of the week for private parties

 We also host Company Parties, birthday parties, Bachelor parties, reunions, team parties, club parties, and any reason your group wants to come out and have a blast playing paintball!!! Call to reserve your party now!


2014 Air Soft Schedule!!!

Feb     9 & 23

Mar     9 & 23

April    13 & 27

May     4 & 25         

June    8 & 22

July     6 & 20

Aug     3 & 17

Sept    14 & 21

Oct      5 & 12 

Nov     2 & 16 


Air Soft 2014 Schedule

2013 Airsoft days 

Airsoft Rules
Standard Field and Safety Rules:

The following rules are for the safety of the players. Those who are unable to follow these rules will be considered unsafe players and will not be welcome to play.

1.       You must be 10 or older to play Air soft.

2.       Always wear eye protection in the form of goggles or masks. All eye protection must meet ANSI Z87.1. Never remove your eye protection while on the battlefield. We recommend full seal goggles and side protection. Mesh eye protection is not allowed. Mouth guards are recommended.

3.       Everyone under the age of 18 must wear full seal and full face goggles. Paintball approved goggles are recommended. We recommend everyone under 18 must wear long sleeves and long pants.

4.       Do not fire in the staging area. If you must test fire your weapon, take it into the chronograph area and fire it there.

5.       All weapons in staging area must have magazine out, chamber empty, safety on, and muzzle cap fixed. Side arms should be holstered and on safe. If the magazine is permanently attached you must disconnect battery.

6.       Do not point your weapon at anyone unless you are involved in a game on the battlefield and intend to shoot them.

7.       Do not fire at any person without proper eye protection.

8.       Do not fire at non-participants, including paintball players.

9.       No illegal drug use will be permitted. No alcohol use before or during a game.

10.   All "real" weapons including but not limited to firearms and fixed-blade knives are NOT allowed at games. Folding utility knives and pocket knives are allowed as an essential part of survival kit, but they may not be used in game-play.

11.   Remove all of your gear and trash from the field when you leave.

Standard FPS Maximum Limits:

Chronographs are used before games to test all weapons present. Any weapons that test too high will not be allowed in play. No exceptions will be made, please research upgrades and how they affect your weapon before purchasing or installing them.

All chronograhing will be with .20g BB’s.

The ref must verify chronograph and will tag all acceptable weapons. Any untagged weapons will not be allowed on the field. Chronographing will begin at 10:30 unless otherwise posted.

Standard 6mm .20g BBs
fully/Semi Automatics - 400 fps (1.5j)
Semi-Auto DMR (full auto disabled) - 475fps (2.1j)
Sniper Rifles (Bolt Action ONLY) - 550 FPS (2.8j)
*Limits Measured with .20g BB


  • Anyone hit by a BB is hit and out.
  • If you are "hit" during a game, 1) immediately yell "HIT!" as loud as you can, 2) place an orange or bright red bandana (death rag) over your head, 3) walk back to the designated area with the bandana clearly visible at all times. (Any rag, bandana, shirt, or bright cloth of the correct color is acceptable). Hold your weapon in a non-threatening manner, do not fire.
  • DO NOT talk or interact with live players if you are hit. Dead men don't talk.
  • Ricochet BBs do not count as hits.
  • Hits to your weapon do not count as hits.
  • When in doubt, call yourself out. Honor your hits.

CQB/castle PLAY

All players who participate in CQB should understand that they will be engaging targets anywhere from 25 feet to even 5 feet away and because of that they may take painful hits. We recommend full masks, long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and hats/helmets are worn for CQB to avoid welts or breaking the skin. "BANG" rules is 10 feet in castle and CQB, however players may surrender if they wish at any time to the opposing force to leave game play without any harm.


When you are too close in range to be comfortable taking a shot, you can call out "BANG" on the player in your sights. Any clean shots with no cover fewer than 15 feet are good candidates for safety kills. Do not call it unless the kill is already a given. Always honor safety kills when they are called on you just like honoring a "HIT". Safety kills can only be called on one individual at a time, not on entire groups. "BANG" must be said loudly, as to simulate actually firing. Silence can only be maintained if you can tag the other player out. You must be able to point your weapon and call "BANG" on every person if there is more than one.


Players are allowed to "tap out" other players with rubber or plastic knives made for safe Air soft use. Touch your opponent with your rubber knife and simply tell them that they're dead. Contact should be no more than a tap; there's absolutely no slashing, throwing, hitting or martial arts physical contact allowed. Contact must be made with a rubber or plastic replica of a knife, sticks and other objects do not work. DO NOT tap another player in the head, neck, face or groin. Players eliminated by this method should try and acknowledge their hit/death silently.


Anyone acting as a sniper with an upgraded bolt action rifle over 400 fps (1.5j) should carry a sidearm that can be used alternately when engaging targets closer than about 100 feet. If you have no sidearm and find yourself too close to the opposing force, you may either a) call a safety kill, b) wait until they move to a safe range or c) relocate to a safe range. Do not fire at targets closer than 100 feet.


This is yelled out whenever a non-player enters the battlefield, or when a player enters the battlefield without eye protection. All players are expected to echo blind man so that everyone on the field hears it, and upon hearing it each player is expected to sit down and wait until "Game on" is called to continue the game. If necessary, game coordinators will explain the game to the non-participants.